An experienced Belt Splicing Team, Combined with being an Authorised Distributor of Quality Conveyor Belt Products.

Means the Elite CS Team is comfortable working with you to achieve your conveyor maintenance service needs, for either a small or large project.

We care about your business as much as we care about our business. We exist to supply your business with quality conveyor belt products and quality conveyor maintenance services. The Elite CS team is available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

Our experience combined with access to our manufacturers quality conveyor belt products, means we are great to work with in urgent or ‘emergency’ conveyor servicing projects. We offer a General Conveyor Maintenance Package for one off or as required services.

We understand, that for some businesses consideration is put into the overall operational costs. In this instance, we would love to talk to you about how we reduce your overall operational costs, by supporting and implementing strategies, identified within your companies Conveyor Maintenance Policy. The Elite CS Contract Conveyor Maintenance Package combines ongoing preventative strategies, quality belt products with our extensive conveyor maintenance experience to ensure a more proactive, quality and cost effective outcome to your overall operational ‘handling’ budget.