Does your current project require:

Quality Conveyor Products? Conveyor Maintenance Services?
Engineering-Integrated Conveyor Project Services?

Avoid unnecessary shut down, decreased productivity or down-time


We understand there can be a high cost of operational ‘handling’ onsite. Our 30+ years of engineering and conveyor experience means we have seen first-hand, how incremental gains in the reliability and efficiency of your conveyor operation system can lead to significant reductions in your company’s costs. It is an indirect, but positive form of ‘value adding’ to your overall cost!   A fundamental step towards achieving this is to talk to us about the Elite Conveyor Maintenance Monitoring Program and the Quality Conveyor Belt products we supply to the Queensland market.

How can Elite CS support your project needs?

Quality Conveyor Products

Elite CS is an Authorised Distributor for DOUBLE ARROW AUSTRALIA.
DOUBLE ARROW is Worldwide recognized. ISO Accredited. Globally capable. Locally focused.
A manufacturer of Quality Conveyor Belt to Australian Standard. AFFORDABLE PRICING.
Elite CS is also a supplier of conveyor accessories to meet your project needs.

Conveyor Maintenance Services

Elite CS offers you, our client an ‘onsite maintenance monitoring program’ as well as Integrated Project Services, combining Engineering support with our core conveyor business, to support your onsite conveyor maintenance policy


Elite CS offer our clients access to vast banks of knowledge and experience which combines splicing experiences and engineering services and or consulting as required.

Elite CS your reliable conveyor project partner
Supporting your project needs, 24/7 7days a week!

Integrated Conveyor Project Services

Combining Maintenance Services & Engineering Expertise
to enhance your project services.

Quality, On time Solutions

Based on our philosophy of